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Baby Tantrum Tamers

January 8th, 2015 | By: Elizabeth Pantley
Baby tantrums are different from those of older siblings. Here's why they happen and how to deal.

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Baby Tantrum Tamers

Your baby's first tantrum can come as a shock, but don't take it personally. Baby tantrums are normal and, once you recognize the triggers, you can prevent the screaming from starting in the first place.

Why baby tantrums are different from toddler tantrums

Baby tantrums start around age one and aren't really about temper. Unlike toddler tantrums, baby tantrums are usually due to a sudden loss of emotional control and an infant's inability to express themselves any other way. It's best to treat tantrums in a one- to two-year-old differently from tantrums in older children.

Here are common reasons for baby tantrums and some solutions to try: