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Choose the Best Shoes for your Baby

November 30th, 2011 | By: Nancy Ripton
How to select the best footwear for your little mover.

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Choose the Best Shoes for your Baby

Before your baby starts to move, anything that keeps his feet warm and toasty will do. But once he starts to crawl and climb, you need to pay more attention to his footwear. Here’s how to find the best fitting shoe for your baby:

Buy Shoes for Stage not Age

Choosing a shoe type should depend on how your child is moving. “I believe in buying shoes based on walking stages instead of age,” says Angela Edgeworth, founder of pediped footwear.

Babies that are crawling, starting to stand and learning to walk should be in a soft-soled shoe. “When kids are learning to move and walk they are trying to feel the ground with their feet,” says Edgeworth. “If you put your child in hard-soled footwear too soon it will change their gait.” Edgeworth suggests soft-soled shoes until your child is a confident walker.

As your child becomes more confident you can transition to soft-soled shoes such as pediped’s Grip n Go. A flexible rubber sole provides more protection than a soft-soled shoe but has curved edges to prevent tripping.