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Five Best Baby Toys

December 9th, 2014 | By: Nancy Ripton
These amazing toys make great gifts for babies and toddlers

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Five Best Baby Toys

There's a fine balance between having enough toys to stimulate your child and suddenly finding your home overtaken with clutter. The good news? Less is more when it comes to toys.

"When children have too many toys, they bounce from one to the next and gain no appreciation for them," says Peter Emmenegger, owner of Inquisitive Kid, an on-line natural toy and furniture store. "Limiting selection helps them stay with each toy longer and really figure it out."

The best solution is to invest in items that will be used over time. Look for quality toys, made with natural materials that will hold up after lots of playtime. Most must-have toys can be introduced at age one or younger and your child can adapt her play with them as she grows. Keep your child busy without turning your home into a Toys R' Us by keeping these five essential items on hand:

    An all-natural doll (Age: from birth)  

A natural doll or plush animal is comforting to the touch and will help with sensory development. From a few months, a baby will be able to cuddle and chew on natural towel dolls (such as the Comforter Brown Zmooz seen here).

As she grows, your child can use the doll as a sleeping companion and playmate to mimic what she sees going on around her. Emmenegger suggests buying a toy that is as unfinished as possible: "Lack of expression on a doll adds to the imagination."