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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

When it comes to getting your child to eat a healthy lunch, looking good is half the battle. Here’s how to make nutrition fun.

by: Cheryl Tallman

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hether your child is off to preschool or starting kindergarten, getting her to eat a healthy lunch can be one of your biggest challenges. Here are a few tips to help make your child's lunch healthy and fun.

Choose a Cool Lunchbox

Let your child pick out her own lunchbox or purchase one and let her decorate it with paint or markers. The food will be more fun to eat if it’s packaged in a creative way.

Other lunchbox tips:

  • Make sure your child's lunchbox is clearly labeled with a permanent marker or waterproof label.
  • Most schools will not provide a refrigerator to store lunchboxes, so you should use a re-usable freezer pack to keep your child’s lunch fresh. Or, you can freeze a bottle of water, and add it to the lunch box. It will keep the lunch cold and fresh during morning classes and by lunchtime it will have thawed and be ready to drink.  
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