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Holiday Sleep Schedules

Holiday Sleep Schedules

Getting Sleep Back on Track

If you choose to keep your child up late, it’s important to get back to his regular sleep schedule the next day. “A short extra nap or quiet rest break midday can help your child catch up on missed sleep,” says Dr. Weiss. Most young children are fairly adaptable and should adjust to the occasional disruption. “It’s reasonable to go off schedule now and then,” says Dr. Cohen. Just do what you can to stick to it for the most part. Above all, take your child’s lead. “If they seem okay, they likely are.”

Meet our Experts:

Dr. Shelley Weiss is a neurologist at SickKids hospital in Toronto and Vice President of clinical services at the Canadian Sleep Society. Dr. Nicky Cohen is a Toronto-based psychologist who helps parents with children’s sleep issues. Elizabeth Pantley is a mother of four, on the panel of experts and author of The No-Cry Nap Solution.