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How To Know if your Newborn is Tired

February 21st, 2018 | By: Elizabeth Pantley
Not sure if it’s time for bed? Here’s how to read your newborn’s sleep signs.

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How To Know if your Newborn is Tired

While your newborn is a unique person and will present you with an individualized language, there are many similarities among babies. The majority of newborns signal tiredness in similar ways. So let’s talk about some common signals to give you a guideline as you begin the process of learning to read your own baby’s language. Once you get through the first few weeks or months you won’t need a list of any kind – as you will learn how to read your baby better than anyone else in the whole entire world. In the meantime, knowing what things to look out for can speed the translation process.

Signs That Your Newborn May Be Tired  

  • A lull in movement or activity; calm, slower movements
  • Quieting down, making fewer or simpler sounds
  • Losing interest in people and toys
  • Looking away from you
  • Appearing glazed or unfocused; staring off in the distance
  • Limp, relaxed face and jaw
  • Fussing or whining
  • Eyes open wide and unblinking or slow, long blinks
  • Rubbing eyes, ears or face
  • Not settling down in your arms, squirming
  • and of course, yawning!