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Is your child old enough to watch TV?

Is your child old enough to watch TV?

Be choosey about your child’s TV viewing

As TV and DVD watching is on the rise, the viewing of quality children’s programming, such as Sesame Street, is actually declining.

Be careful in selecting programs for your child to watch. View TV shows with your child first to ensure they include quality programming that can teach him basic academic skills, such as the ABCs, counting, addition, science fundamentals, basic language skills, manners, and even early reading skills.

Alternatively, TV can be a good way for your child to view things he might not otherwise see in daily life such as exotic animals, distant lands, musical instruments, historical places, and diverse lifestyles.

Avoid using TV as a babysitter or a default activity and turn the television off  when no one is actively watching it. If your child is spending time in front of the TV, it’s your job to make sure they’re watching something appropriate and educational.

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