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Make Toothbrushing Fun

Even the most resistant early brushers can be won over – here's how.

by: Karen Byker

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abies should start brushing their teeth as soon as they show through. Now imagine you're a baby and are experienceing toothbrushing for the first time. It can be intimidating to have anyone – even a parent – stick a foreign object in your mouth and move it around. If your baby is resistant to toothbrushing, don't worry. There are countless ways you can make toothbrushing fun for your child. Here's How:

1. Read a book about toothbrushing

Make toothbrushing a little easier by reading Robert Munch’s “Mmmm Cookies” to your children at bedtime. Put extra emphasis on the toothbrushing that Christopher’s’ parents have to do after eating play clay cookies. After the story, give your children imaginary play clay cookies and make similar sounds to those repeated in the book. They will want to go brush their teeth just like they did in the story. You can also download the audiobook here.

2. Brush with the lights off  >>