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Picky Eating Prevention Plan

November 5th, 2016 | By: Nancy Ripton
How baby self-feeding can pave the way to a lifetime of adventurous eating.

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Picky Eating Prevention Plan

Many times parents don’t worry about picky eaters until it’s too late. Once you already have a picky eater, it’s much more difficult to change the way your child looks at food. The good news for parents who haven’t yet started solids is that you can do a whole lot to prevent picky eating by the way you introduce first foods.

What is Baby Self-Feeding

Baby self-feeding is a new way to introduce food to children, and it can set your child up for a lifetime of healthy eating, while fostering a positive relationship with food.

Think of the foods we typically feed our babies: purees, crackers, cereal: bland, processed foods. Then, once they’ve mastered we suddenly to expect they to eat healthy, natural, highly texturized foods. We underestimate the textures and tastes that new babies can handle. You should start your baby on the types of foods you want your child to eat for the rest of her life.