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Plan the Perfect Nursery

August 27th, 2011 | By: Robin Thering
From shopping to safety, here's how to design your baby's first bedroom

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Plan the Perfect Nursery

Is there anything cuter than baby décor? We think not. But before you head out on a baby bedroom shopping spree, check out our time-saving tips for planning the perfect nursery.

The Planning Stage

The drawback to stocking up on every cute baby bauble you see is that your nursery can quickly turn into a cluttered, jumbled mess instead of an adorable oasis of calm. Resist the urge to shop right away and start by collecting photos of nurseries you love in magazines and online. Create a binder to help you organize the way you want the room to look before you hit the shops.

Next, ask yourself what elements your collection of photos has in common. Are they gender-neutral? Contemporary? Shabby chic? Pick out the elements that you’re most drawn to and choose a dominant theme.