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Safe Co-sleeping with Baby

December 9th, 2014 | By: Elizabeth Pantley
How to make co-sleeping work for you and your family.

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Safe Co-sleeping with Baby

The family bed, co-sleeping, shared sleep–no matter what you call it, it means that your baby sleeps with you, or very close to you. Co-sleeping is popular with parents (particularly nursing mothers) of young babies who wake throughout the night and also with parents of older babies who enjoy the nighttime closeness with their child. If you're considering co-sleeping, here's what you should know about the easiest–and safest–way to share sleep with your child.

Making the decision to co-sleep

Every family has different nighttime needs and the key is to find the solution that feels right to everyone in your family. It's important to forget about trying to satisfy anyone else's perception of what you should be doing. In other words, no matter what your in-laws, neighbors, pediatrician, or favorite author say about sleeping arrangements, the only "right" answer is the one that works for the people living in your home.