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Summer Sleep Solutions

July 9th, 2015 | By: Sydney Loney
Long sunny days and busy summer schedules can wreck havoc on sleep routines. Here's how to get back on track.

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Summer Sleep Solutions

Whether you’re spending the day at the beach or heading off to yet another summer BBQ, chances are your child is no longer on a regular sleep schedule. Here’s how to maintain nap and bedtime routines so your child gets enough sleep in the summer.

Is your child getting enough sleep?

Many kids don’t get enough sleep in the summer and it can completely alter their personalities, says Ariana Birnbaum, founder of Becoming Maternity and Parenting Centres in Toronto. “If your child seems more irritable or argumentative than usual, take a look at how much sleep he’s getting.”

Parents often try to make the most of the warm summer months and all that extra activity can mean that children don’t get the sleep they need. If you have a “go with the flow” kind of kid, they may be able to catch up on missed sleep by adjusting their sleep patterns, says Birnbaum. For instance, some children who go to bed later will just sleep in to make up for it.

“If your child is still alert, engaged and not more irritable, then they’re probably okay,” Birnbaum says. “You can put some kids to bed at nine or 10 at night and they will sleep in and be fine.” But, she says, most kids under age six are adversely affected by sudden shifts in their sleep schedules. “Even if they go to bed later, they will often wake at the same time they normally would, or sometimes even earlier.”

Part of the problem is that an over-tired child may seem wide awake, so you think that they’re sleeping enough. However, if you notice little changes–they may not be as easygoing as usual, it may take you longer to get them out the door in the morning, or they might be slightly more prone to temper tantrums–these are all are signs they need more sleep.