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Teach Your Baby to Talk

Teach Your Baby to Talk

Baby talk from 7 to 12 months

Babies usually start communicating with their own signs around eight or nine months, such as waving "bye bye" or lifting their arms to show they want to be picked up. When they start to speak, they usually start with nouns, such as "ball," or social words, such as "hi."

"When they reach the point of saying one word, up the ante and emphasize two words, such as "pretty flower," "brown doggy," or "cookie gone," says Bingham. "Then, when they're at the two-word level, up it again so you're always one level above where they're at and expanding on what they're saying as you help them learn."

By end of 12 months your infant may:

  • Try to imitate words
  • Say a few words, such as "dada" and "uh-oh"
  • Understand simple instructions, such as "Please drink your milk"