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Treatments for Teething Symptoms

October 6th, 2015 | By: Dr. Jeremy Friedman
Find out if your baby is suffering from teething, and how to put her teething symptoms at ease.

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Treatments for Teething Symptoms

Teething has been blamed for a myriad of symptoms including drooling, diarrhea, facial rashes, fever, congestion, sleep problems, and irritability. However teething is not necessarily the culprit behind all or any of these problems.

Your baby’s first teeth tend to arrive at the same time that your baby’s antibodies (which crossed over through the placenta before birth) are beginning to wane. This results in in an increase in infections, including ear infection, colds and gastroenteritis. Teething is often coincidental and is therefore blamed for many of these ailments, however it’s often not the cause.

Treating Teething Symptoms

Most infants tolerate teething well. If your baby appears to be in pain, however, follow this list of teething do’s and don’ts: