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What's Waking your Baby?

July 15th, 2014 | By: Elizabeth Pantley
Every new parent dreams of a baby who will sleep through the night. However, it’s possible the biggest hurdle to a good night’s sleep is your own best intentions.

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What's Waking your Baby?

You may be the very obstacle that’s preventing your baby from sleeping through the night. As much as you may want your baby to sleep through the night, your own subconscious emotions can often hold you back from encouraging positive change in your babies’ sleeping habits. Here’s how to get a hold on your feelings and emotions so everyone can get a better night’s sleep.

Does your Baby Really Need to Sleep Through the Night?

We are sometimes led to believe that “normal babies” sleep through the night from about two months. However, my research indicates that this is more often the exception than the rule. The number of families with baby’s waking through the night could fill a fleet of cruise ships.

“At our last day-care parent meeting, one father brought up the fact that his two-year-old daughter wasn’t sleeping through the night. I discovered that out of 24 toddlers, only six stayed asleep all night long.” …Robin, mother of 13-month-old Alicia

You must figure out where your own problem lies. Is it in your baby’s routine, in your management of it, or simply in the minds of others? If you can honestly say you want to change your baby’s sleep habits because they are truly disruptive to you and your family, then you’re ready to make changes. However if you feel coerced into changing your baby’s patterns because Great Grandma Beulah or your friend from playgroup says that’s the way it should be, maybe you’re okay to leave things as they are.

Certainly, if your little one is waking you up every hour or two, you don’t have to think long on the question: “Is this disruptive to me?” It obviously is. However, if your baby is waking up only once or twice a night, it’s important that you determine exactly how much this pattern is disturbing to you, and decide on a realistic goal. Be honest in assessing the situation's effect on your life. Begin today by contemplating these questions:

  • Am I content with the way things are, or am I becoming resentful, angry or frustrated?
  • Is my baby’s nighttime routine negatively affecting my marriage, job or relationships with my other children?
  • Is my baby happy, healthy and seemingly well rested?
  • Am I happy, healthy and well rested?

Once you answer these questions, you will have a better understanding of not only what is happening with regards to your baby’s sleep, but also how motivated you are to make a change.