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When Can You Add Spice to Baby Food?

December 9th, 2014 | By: Ali Chernoff and Chantel Canessa
If you're worried that your baby's food is too bland, here's when (and how) to start spicing things up

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When Can You Add Spice to Baby Food?

When it comes to baby’s first food, the blander the better – at least in those first few months. Here’s a look at some common questions parents have about when to add herbs and spices, and which ones are better for your baby.

Does spicy food affect breast milk?

If you’re breastfeeding, the foods you eat can change the flavour of your breast milk. Herbs and spices are transferred through breast milk and you may discover that your baby can tolerate certain herbs and spices over others. (For instance, if you have a spicy curry for dinner, you might find your infant has a bout of diarrhea as a result.) It can take four to six hours for spices to pass through your breast milk after you eat a meal.