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Why Babies and Pets Don't Always Mix

July 21st, 2018 | By: Colleen Pelar
Dogs, cats and babies - oh my! Here's how to help them all get along

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Why Babies and Pets Don't Always Mix

Your cat or dog may not have blinked an eye when you brought your baby home from the hospital, but now that she’s crawling all over them, it could be a different story. Here’s how to keep them both safe.

Give your pets some space

If your pet is going to have problems with your baby, the crawling stage is probably where you’ll see the first signs. The sudden mobility of an infant can be confusing and upsetting for pets, especially dogs. Baby might begin investigating areas Spot once thought were his. And she is now approaching Spot, rather than waiting for him to come to her.

Keep an eye on your dog: does he happily approach you when you’re sitting on the couch, holding the baby? Does he stay just out of arms’ reach, or snuggle in close? Does he seem interested in her activity, or a bit nervous about it?

Now’s a good time to use baby gates to give both your pets and baby some individual space. When your baby is exploring, let her do it without your pets in the room until you feel they're comfortable with her on the move. Spot especially may be protective of things he considers his – from dog toys to the corner where his bed is.