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Surviving Toddler Power Struggles

How to end the arguing and prevent a full-blown tantrum with your toddler.

by: Sharon Silver

It can happen anywhere, at anytime–your child wants something and you say "no." Before you know it, the arguing and negotiating have ramped up and you're in the middle of a power struggle. Fortunately, there is a fast way to fix the situation before the real tantrums begin. Here's what you need to know.

Is Your Baby on the Right Track?

Check out these major first-year milestones

by: Nancy Ripton

Does your baby blow you away with how fast he’s learning to do cool stuff, like hold his head up by himself? Milestones are developmental stages that (usually) happen naturally. Here are the main ones to watch for – and what you can do to help your baby master them.

Baby's Developmental Milestones

From crawling to saying his first words, learning when to expect your baby's milestones can help you adjust to his changing needs.

by: Nancy Ripton

We all want our kids to have the brains of Einstein, the coordination of Michael Jordan and the grace of a prima ballerina, but just because your baby reaches a milestone ahead of schedule doesn't mean he's headed for greatness. (If he's a little slower getting there, that's usually no biggie either.) Tracking milestones can be helpful in gauging appropriate playtime, providing a safe environment and exposing potential problems. Here's how to monitor your baby's progress:

Secrets for Raising Smarter Kids

Why brain boosting skills should be instilled at an early age, and how to set your child up for a lifetime of learning.

by: Tim Seldin

Children are born with marvelous imaginations and a keen desire to explore the world–here's how you can help them hone those skills, boost brain development and set your child up for a lifetime of successful learning.

Playing Nice

How to cope with your child’s aggressive behavior and deal with hitting, kicking, biting and hair pulling.

by: Elizabeth Pantley

Children resort to aggressive behaviors because of a lack of wisdom and self-control–it is not a sign that they are hateful or mean. Here's how to teach your child to handle his frustration and anger in appropriate ways.

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