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Is your child old enough to watch TV?

How much TV is okay for your child and what age should they start

by: Elizabeth Pantley

It’s hard to find an infant or toddler who hasn’t watched at least some TV, but is it good for them? Here’s how to decide when it’s okay to let your children watch TV and how to get the most from children’s television programming.

Why Babies Smile

Is your baby happy to see you, or does she just have gas? Find out what your baby's smile really means.

by: Nancy Ripton

It’s hard not to feel overjoyed when your baby gazes adoringly into your eyes and flashes a brief, but unmistakable smile. But is she really trying to communicate her joy at seeing you, or does she simply have gas?

Five Best Baby Toys

These amazing toys make great gifts for babies and toddlers

by: Nancy Ripton

There's a fine balance between having enough toys to stimulate your child and suddenly finding your home overtaken with clutter. The good news? Less is more when it comes to toys.

Does Your Baby Have Separation Anxiety?

Don't worry, it's not always a bad thing. Here's what you need to know about infant separation anxiety

by: Elizabeth Pantley

If you leave the room and your baby cries as if you’ve left the country, she may be suffering from separation anxiety. First of all, don’t worry that you’ve somehow spoiled her–nothing you’ve done has “made” your baby act this way. It’s a normal and important developmental stage and nearly all children experience separation anxiety between the ages of seven and 18 months.

Teach Your Baby to Talk

Your guide to communicating with your baby from day one

by: Sydney Loney

You probably can't wait to have a real conversation with your baby, but you'd be amazed at how much you can say to one another long before she says her first word. Whether you're chatting verbally or trying your hand (literally) at baby sign language, here's how to open the lines of communication with your infant.

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