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Is Your Child Overly Sensitive?

Dealing with a sensitive child isn't easy. Try these five ways to cope and give your child – and your relationship – a boost.

by: Jennifer Kolari

Highly sensitive children can be wonderful, but challenging to parent. They are emotionally delicate in many ways and as parents we worry about their ability to cope in the world with everyday struggles. Often these highly sensitive children are very intelligent and many are gifted. Here's how to tell if you are parenting a sensitive child and how to deal with his emotions:

Why Kids Need Toys

Your guide to choosing the best toys for your baby

by: Elizabeth Pantley

When it comes to baby toys, is wood better than plastic? Dora better than Sponge Bob? Turns out toys are important for your child’s development – here's how to choose the best ones.

Is your child old enough to watch TV?

How much TV is okay for your child and what age should they start

by: Elizabeth Pantley

It’s hard to find an infant or toddler who hasn’t watched at least some TV, but is it good for them? Here’s how to decide when it’s okay to let your children watch TV and how to get the most from children’s television programming.

Why Reading To your Baby is Important

Introducing books at an early age is the best way to raise a child who enjoys reading and does well in school. Here’s how to share story time with your little one.

by: Nancy Ripton

As I sat reading Goodnight Moon night after night to my unresponsive one-month-old, it was difficult to convince myself this classic was actually for his benefit. But experts recommend reading to your newborn from day one. "They won't understand the story or be able to follow along, but they will benefit from the intonation and inflection in your voice," says Dr. Tanya Remer-Altman.

Teaching your Child to Pour

A little practice can reduce messes and give your child the independence of being able to pour their own drinks.

by: Tim Seldin

Learning to pour liquids is much easier if you give your child small pitchers with handles that are the right size for her small hands. They should also be lightweight and not too heavy for your child to control when they are full.

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