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Homemade Baby Food On-the-Go

Whether it's a short road trip or a long flight, here's how to pack healthy baby take-out

by: Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers

Just because you're away from home doesn't mean your baby needs to eat out of a jar. Here's how to prepare baby meals in motion.

Introducing Solid Foods — Beyond the Basics

Learn when and how to add extra meals and introduce new foods.

by: Nancy Ripton

When it comes to introducing solids details like when to start new foods and how much to give your baby can be confusing. Here's what you need to know:

Another Reason to Breastfeed

Why breastfeeding your baby can boost their health later in life.

by: Nancy Ripton

Yet another study is out to tout the benefits of breastfeeding. According to researchers at Washington University in St. Louis young adults who were breastfed for at least three months have a significantly lower risk of chronic inflammation associated with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The study also shows that birth weight has implications for children’s health decades later.

Does Hiding Vegetables Help?

Our experts weigh in on whether the stealth approach is the best way to deal with picky eaters

by: Sydney Loney

It’s frustrating when your baby turns her nose up at sweet potato puree, or your toddler pushes his peas and carrots off the plate. But is it okay to hide vegetables, just to get your child to eat them?

Expert Tips For Picky Eaters

Five fun (and surprising!) expert tips to help even the pickiest eaters eat healthy

by: Sydney Loney

Plain pasta with butter? Grilled cheese? Chicken fingers and fries? If these are your child’s three favourite food groups, here are some easy, expert tricks you can try – guaranteed to tempt even the pickiest eater!

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