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Just Stuff We Love

From baby toys and cool threads to store openings and things to do with your little one. We cover the new, the old favourites and the best-kept secrets for everything baby.

The Perfect Hair Clip

Bang issues start young. That’s why even toddlers need the perfect hair accessory. Baby Wisp Basic Clips are the perfect accessory to tame unruly hair or solve a bad hair day for even the youngest of divas. Basic Gater Clips (seen here) are perfect for keeping your daughter’s bangs out of her eyes and they come in so many fun colours there’s one to match every outfit in her closet.


Coats for Kids

Looking for something to do with last year’s coats? West 49 is running their Coats for Kids campaign now through November 20. Just drop off your old winter coats at one of 70 stores across Canada and receive a voucher for $25 off any new winter jacket. (West 49 accepts all jacket sizes.) Donated jackets will be given to various youth shelters and charities across the country.


Best Rubber Boots

Nothing beats a good rubber boot when it comes to keeping kids’ feet warm and dry – and so, we bring you The Jimmy. Just like all the other laidback footwear from Vancouver-based Native Shoes, The Jimmy captures that carefree West Coast vibe (you can even throw them in the washing machine) and these boots are made for puddle jumping. They’re durable, waterproof, odour resistant and come in three playful colours: Regatta Blue, Hollywood Pink and Crayon Yellow.


Eco-Friendly Food Wrap

Forget landfill-clogging foil and plastic wraps because these babies are made with beeswax! We’ve been looking for eco-friendly food wrap for a while and recently discovered Abeego Flat Wrap ­– it’s just as easy to use as conventional wrap with the added bonus of being reusable, compostable and crafted by hand in Canada. You just press them over bowls or food you want to preserve in the fridge (they work great for cheese and are handy for litterless lunches at school!). To clean, hand wash in cold water with a little soap and they’ll last you for a year at least (after which you can compost them or cut them up for other uses, such as twist ties).


Mittens for the Tiniest Hands

The older kids get, the easier it is to keep their fingers warm in wintertime. More companies are coming out with toddler mitts, but when it comes to babies many of us still resort to socks as a last ditch to get something that will stay on. No more. Guava Mitts were created by two moms who were looking for hand covers that would stay on and could be used for anything from preventing baby from scratching herself to keeping hands warm.


The bamboo and organic cotton mitts, have a two-part closure system that keeps mitts on and allows parents to adjust the fit as baby grows. They also have trendy patterns that babies love to look at. We think they look great too!