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From baby toys and cool threads to store openings and things to do with your little one. We cover the new, the old favourites and the best-kept secrets for everything baby.

Eco-Friendly Food Pouches for Babies and Kids

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If we had a dollar for every time a package of puree opened up in our purses…we could probably purchase a really nice new purse! So, naturally we were excited to discover Squeez’Ems, handy reusable food pouches that are perfect for purees (or applesauce, or yogurt in kids’ lunches). They’re easy to fill and clean, the screw-top lid provides a 100 percent leak-proof seal and there’s only one piece, so no need to fret over lost parts. Best of all, the BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free pouches are so safe you can pop them in the freezer, microwave or dishwasher.


Best Baby Pacifier

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Let’s face it, the Dutch know design – even when it comes to pacifiers. The Difrax Pacifier System is not only adorably stylish, but catered to different months in a baby’s development. The BPA-free pacifiers for babies age 0-6 are smaller and softer, those for 6-18 months are a little firmer and designed to help babies’ jaw muscles develop, while those designed for infants 18 months+ are more solid and purposefully designed to be less satisfying to help with the weaning process. Best of all, the butterfly design and holes allow extra air circulation, keeping the nose free and reducing the risk of skin irritation.


Land of Too Many Toys

Looking for something to do with all the extra toys and books your little one has aquired over the holidays? We love the Local Branch Library Cart by Land of Nod. Besides the fab design that works with any decor it has a top shelf perfect for books and a bottom big enough to house baskets full of little toys. Comes in four color options.


WIN New Mom Gift Pack

Whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or planning for a family in the near future, Nestlé Materna prenatal and postnatal vitamins can help nourish your body. Rich in folic acid and 22 other essential vitamins and minerals, when taken daily these vitamins can help prevent neural tube defects and keep you and your baby healthy throughout pregnancy and nursing.

To help you get ready for baby in another way, Nestlé Baby has put together a mommy essentials prize pack valued at over $150. The prize package includes:

  • LeSportSac Bag
  • Baby Gap Monkey Bib
  • Bearington Baby Bearington Baby 6-12 Months Lamby Booties
  • Disney's Baby's 1st Blankie
  • Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Bubble Bath
  • Nestlé Gerber Rice Cereal
  • Two bottles of Nestlé Materna

This gift basket is perfect for any new or expecting mom (and would also make a great holiday gift). Sign up before December 10, 2013 for your chance to win.


Soothing Styles

It just became a lot more fashionable to suck on a pacifier. Philips AVENT have given their classic pacifiers a makeover. They still have orthodontic, collapsible and symmetrical nipples that respect the natural development of baby’s palate, teeth and gums, but now they look great too. The silicone, taste and odor-free soothers come in a range of lusty-worthy pastels that passed the ultimate test. In a pacifier lineup, our 2-year-old tester Stella went right for the “pink” one and gave the new design a thumbs up.