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Just Stuff We Love

From baby toys and cool threads to store openings and things to do with your little one. We cover the new, the old favourites and the best-kept secrets for everything baby.

Smart Pool Diapers

Disposable swim diapers have to be one of the most expensive things on the planet, so both the environment and your pocket book will thank you for buying reusable swim diapers. We love Swimmi by Bummis. The interior polyester mesh makes cleanups easy, while the coated nylon layer traps even the biggest mess inside and away from the pool. Fabric is soft on baby’s skin and is made with UPF 50 protection. Plus the designs, like Bubbles seen here, are ultra cute.


What Does the Fox Say?

Keep your little one cozy and cute after a swim or shower in Land of Nod’s adorable animal towels. You can even personalize them with a name for no extra charge. Towels are 100 per cent cotton and 100 per cent cute.


4-in-1 tricycle

Extend the lifespan of your child’s tricycle by years with SmarTrike. The touch steering tricycle enables parents to steer the trike the same way they would a stroller. Its red navigator button allows for easy transition from parent steering control to child steering control.

The SmarTrike has four stages, making it great for ages 10 months to three years. The first stage is a parent-controlled trike with baby comfortably seated in a high-back padded seat. Stage two, removes the back support but steering control still lies with the parents. For stage three the footrest can be taken away so children can start to pedal and navigate. By stage four, it’s a classic tricycle and the parent handle can be removed.

Trike also comes with an extendable UV protective canopy, bottle holder, toy phone, storage compartments and more.


Best Baby Sun Cover

The Cozy Sun and Bug cover falls into the category of: "Why didn’t they have this when our kids were babies?" Unlike the massive mesh blanket-type thingys we tried to put over our kids to keep both bugs and rays at bay (they just kicked them off), this stylish cover has elasticized edges that fit snugly over any infant carrier. There’s also a pull-down flap for total sun protection, which is also handy in the event of a sudden rain shower. Best of all, the carrier is compact enough to stow in your diaper




It's Smart to be Sili

These kid’s dishes and cups are so stylish you’ll wish they came in adult sizes. Silikids has introduced a new feeding line made entirely of silicone and glass. The owners Stacey Feeley and Giuliana Schwab (both moms) started the brand in search of a non-breakable alternative to plastics, which we know breakdown in high heats to release toxic chemicals (even BPA-free brands contain harmful BPS). Silikids bottles, plates and glasses have modern designs, are easy to use and keep clean – and they look amazing! They also have a drop threshold of four stories.