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A Unique Gift Idea For Father’s Day

If the thought of getting dad another power tool to celebrate June 21st seems less than exciting, we've found a gift solution. Dimples Forever launched in November 2008, making keepsake jewelry for moms with fingerprint charms. Last month, they decided to do something for dad and have added silver cufflinks and key chains to their line up.

The company will mail you an impression kit within 72 hours of placing an order. Then, take your child's finger or toe and press it into the non-toxic impression area (it's a food lubricant similar to olive oil). Once the impression has been made, ship the tray(s) back in an easy-to-mail prepaid envelope to Dimples with instructions for engraving. Two to three weeks later your gift will arrive.

The cufflinks are perfect for dads of two. If you have just one tot, you can do a finger impression on the left and a toe on the right. (Just The Facts, Baby Readers will get 10% off any orders placed prior to June 30, 2009.)