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From baby toys and cool threads to store openings and things to do with your little one. We cover the new, the old favourites and the best-kept secrets for everything baby.

Watch and Learn Sleep Videos

As parents we are bombarded with parenting books when sometimes all we want to do after a long day is watch a video. Fortunately best-selling parenting author Elizabeth Pantley just released The No-Cry Sleep Solution enhanced eBook with videos.

The enhanced eBook features a video at the end of each of the 14 chapters. The videos provide highlights and support to help parents work through their sleep plan so everyone in the family can get some rest.

Click here for to see a video example of Elizabeth Pantley’s The No-Cry Sleep Solution.



Make your Child a Somebody

Working as a teacher, Kelly Clark became frustrated by how much kids had to offer but how difficult it was for them to fit in and find a way to express themselves. In 2005, The Somebody Project was born. The program encourages children to build on their interests and in doing so cultivate lasting self esteem and teach children to give back.

“Interests help level the playing field,” says Kelly. When it comes to interest it doesn’t matter how much money kids have or how they dress.

To get started, teachers can order a Who is Nobody kit that includes an instructional DVD, a plain, denim doll (Nobody) and support materials. Students take turns bringing the Nobody doll home and giving it one of their interests. For example, a boy with a blind father gave the doll glasses and helped raise class awareness of the blind or a community project based on pennies gave Nobody eyes.

The goal of the Somebody project is to turn Nobody into Somebody. In the process, kids discover themselves, build community outreach programs and develop the confidence to follow their dreams. “Nobody becomes somebody that reflects the best of everybody in the class,” says Clark.

Since the program launched in 2005, 45,000 children have taken place in the Somebody project. It costs just $250 for a class to get involved – the perfect project for the next school fundraiser.


What We Can Learn from a Tiger Mom

I try to avoid any preconceived notions when starting a new book, but with Amy Chua’s The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (Penguin Books) it was a little difficult. Much as been said of the Yale Law professor who swears that Chinese parenting is superior and shuns everything from playdates to guitar lessons. But I found myself almost immediately more sympathetic to Chua than I’d expected. While the hours of music training she forced upon her daughters was extreme (and made me feel a little lazy), she truly does want what’s best for her children. Chua also raises the valid point that perhaps Westerners have gone too far the other direction. While I believe kids should play as much as possible and fun should be their main objective, I also believe they should spend less time in front of the TV and more time with books and learning new skills. Battle Hymn has never claimed to be a parenting manual, in fact, the opposite is true, but I do believe parents can take something from Chua’s open and honest journey.