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Archive for May, 2011

Why Mariah’s Baby Names Rock

Monday, May 30th, 2011 by:

Unlike some people, I happen to love the names of Mariah Carey‘s newest additions. I like a little originality when it comes to choosing your offspring’s moniker. Monroe and Moroccan (Carey twins one and two) are the right combination of cuteness and class. Still, naysayers have to scream out and plead for Carey to go with something more run-of-the-mill; something more Dick and Jane. Really? Do we want something this boring from our celebrities?

I gawked at a recent columnist who called the originality celebrities use when naming their offspring self- promoting, unorthodox and icky. (This same columnist later admitted to wanting to change the name of her own child months after she was born because it was becoming too popular. Who’s the icky one now?)

I’ll admit Carey could have kept quite about naming her son after the decor in a room of her house, but shouldn’t parents be able to name their children whatever they want? (Also, the room was where her actor’s husband Nick Cannon proposed.) Actors are artists and it only seems fitting that they would exercise a little more artistic freedom when playing the baby name game.

People tend to copy everything celebrities do from their hairstyle to the color of their footwear. For years, people have also copied celebrity baby names. Maybe uber original names are, in part, an attempt to avoid a string of copy cats. After all, if you name your baby Buddy Bear (Jamie Oliver) or Caspar (Claudia Schiffer) people will be less likely to follow your lead with their own little buddles of joy. If the said author was upset enough to call the city about changing her daughter’s name because it was becoming a little too popular, what would she do if thousands of people world wide started to copy her child’s name?

I love that celebrities tend to avoid common names and, in doing so give us something to talk about. Does the world really need another Emma?

Will Exploding Watermelons Make you go Organic?

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 by:

Watermelons in China have recently started to explode in their fields. Farmers using seeds imported from Japan, sprayed their crops with a growth hormone and the melons started spontaneously exploding a day later.

If you weren’t already afraid of what’s going into the produce your family eats, this recent outburst may just put you over the top. If chemicals can make food blow up, what will they do to your children’s body?