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Slowing Things Down

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 by:

By the time Kyla (now 3) came along in June of 2008, I was ready to slow down. I was even moving slowly. I had only left one week between Kyla’s due date and my last day of work. My thought? No baby ever arrives on their due date, right? Well, Kyla did. After 22 hours of labor and an emergency C-section she arrived, 7lbs 6oz safe, sound, and right on time.

Life really changed for me after that. To my surprise, I enjoyed the slower pace of life. Kyla and I would walk Griffin (our dog) every morning and I loved watching my new baby sleep peacefully in her stroller. I was not expecting to love being at home so much, but I did. I enjoyed being off and spending time with my daughter and not being tied to a rigid work schedule. I could not believe that my days were so full. I didn’t need to work for eight hours in an office to keep busy. Being a mom kept me busy and exhilerated.

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