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Making Mommy Connections

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 by:

Three years ago I was out for a walk with Kyla and my dog Griffin. I met another mom with a baby boy just a few months older then Kyla. We soon met a few other neighbourhood moms and the “Alderchicks” were born.

We started meeting every Friday for coffee. We would go for beautiful walks through the neighbourhood–the convoy of strollers was hilarious. I looked forward to Fridays; I loved spending time with these women and their babies. Our group slowly grew to 21 moms and it is still growing. Most of us had our second babies around the same time so we were able to spend another maternity leave together. While we were on our second maternity leaves, we met some first time moms in the neighbourhood. One of those moms was Karen–the Mommy Connections director for Toronto West.

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