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Autism and Vaccinations

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 by:

Earlier this month The Lancet retracted a 12-year-old article linking autism to MMR vaccines. The landmark study turned tens of thousands of parents against a vaccine designed to protect our children against measles, mumps and rubella.

The study was based on just 12 children.

The autism and vaccination study found that eight of the 12 autistic children studied first saw symptoms after receiving the MMR vaccination. Recent research confirmed that the group was specially selected to have an extremely high number of children who had symptoms occur around the time of the MMR vaccination. It also found that research was funded by lawyers acting for parents who were involved in lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers.

Experts say the retraction by The Lancet is long overdue and the autism and vaccinations piece never should have been published. But this brings up the question: Are we too eager to trust information simply because it was published in a medical journal?

The link between the MMR vaccination and autism debate garnered so much media attention that no parent could have known the findings were based on a lawsuit-biased study with just 12 children.

“Why The Lancet published it is completely beyond me,” state Dr. Suzanne Lewis, a pediatrician and clinical professor of medical genetics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Lewis also stated that tens of millions of dollars have been spent on additional studies attempting to validate the original autism and immunization shots findings–none have succeeded.

The truth is autism has a genetic cause and undetermined environmental triggers. The pressure to come up with a reason for the drastic rise in autism has set off a completely unfounded fear over autism and vaccinations.