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Bond Baby Bond

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 by:

We all know breast milk is nutritious for baby, and some studies have even shown it can boost IQ and reduce the risk of SIDS. Now, new research from Yale University School of Medicine has found that breastfeeding increases the parent/infant bond.

The act of breastfeeding appears to release hormones that enhance maternal behavior. The study performed functional MRIs on mothers a month to four months after their babies were born. Mothers who breast fed had a greater brain response to their babies cries.

Breast milk storage tips

Monday, August 30th, 2010 by:

I’m afraid to eat anything that’s been in my fridge for over a few days so judging the “freshness” of pumped breast milk made me worry more than I should. I’m certain I threw out more than my share of good milk before I did my research.

As a general rule, breast milk will keep for:

Room temperature: 4-6 hours

Cooler with ice packs: 24 hours

Fridge: 3-8 days

Refrigerator Freezer: 3-6 months*

Deep Freeze: 6-12 months*

*once thawed use within 24 hours

Also some good breast milk storage tips include:

  • Store breast milk in disposable freezer bags or collection bottles in two- to five-ounce portions.
  • Liquid expands when frozen so leave a little extra space in your container.
  • It’s normal for breast milk to vary in colour and consistency and for stored milk to separate into layers. Shake breast milk before serving to your baby.