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It’s a Girl

Friday, January 7th, 2011 by:

I first wrote about the biorhythm gender prediction method in November 2009. We had decided to try for a third and since we already had two boys, we would have loved for our third child to be a girl.

Someone told me about, which believes that your hormones are linked to the polarity cycle of the ovum membrane in women.

We all have positive, negative and neutral charges that alternate monthly. Positive charges are likely to produce a girl, while negative are likely to produce a boy. When the charge is neutral, either sex has an equal chance.

I figured it was worth a try and I ordered a year long calendar to see which “girl” days coincided with my periods of fertility. No wonder, my side of the family always had boys. According to the calender, there were exactly two days out of the entire year where I would have a girl.

I didn’t know how much faith to put in the calendar but figured it was worth a try. Why not start trying to have a third on the only girl days of the year?

We got pregnant on a “girl day” but I was still certain I was having a boy. All the old wives tales pointed to it. I was carrying low and out, and my baby’s pulse was low. Almost everyone (including my OB-GYN and countless strangers) told me a boy was on his way.

Well, much to our surprise, we had a daughter in December. I can’t say for sure whether it was the chart or luck, but given the chance, I’d opt for the biorhythm method again.

Baby Gender Predictor

Thursday, November 19th, 2009 by:

Is it possible to determine your baby’s gender before you conceive? says yes. In fact, they claim to give parents the opportunity to choose their baby’s gender with up to a 95% success rate. How is this possible?

Plan Baby bases its results on the biorhythm method, based on the fact that every human life is ruled by three different cycles: the physical cycle, the emotional cycle and the intellectual cycle. Theses cycles respectively last 23,28 and 33 days. All cycles are positive, negative or neutral and their “charge” alternates monthly.

These cycles are linked to hormones and the polarity cycle of the ovum membrane in women. “The ovum produces an alternating polarity as a result of the mother’s biological clock,” says Plan Baby founder Stephanie Lavaud. “This is nature’s way of varying gender.”

The X chromosome (which produces a girl) is attracted to a positive charge while the Y (which produces a boy) is attracted to a negative one. When the charge is neutral, both X or Y are equally attracted to the ovum.

“We all have about 80 days a year where we will likely conceive a girl and 80 where a boy is most probable,” says Stephanie. The rest of the days are 50/50. Learning your positive or negatively charged ovum days is the best way to choose your baby’s gender.

“I discovered the biorhythm method three years after the birth of my third son,” says Stephanie. But just having the test doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to bear the sex of your choice. The boy or girl days need to coincide with your fertile times in your cycle. “Once I had my chart done, I realized that out of 12 months I had nine where my biorhythms coincided with a boy and three neutral months,” says Stephanie. “Had I continued to try for a girl I could have ended up with a football team.”