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Better Lent than Never

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 by:

Last week I gave up chocolate for lent. Yes, I realize lent started on March 9th, but Easter seemed like a good deadline to reintroduce this decodance to my diet. Why forgo a favourite?

I realized I was asking my children to do something I couldn’t do myself.

My sons Bode and Beckett were turning into sugar junkies. Just mention the word and my two-year-old becomes so excited that yesterday he spastically smacked me in the face at the thought of sweet temptations.

I preached that sugar wasn’t good for them. It should be a treat. Not something consumed every day. Unfortunately I couldn’t follow the advice myself.

I love chocolate and recently it has infiltrated my diet on such a huge level that the thought of a meal without a cocoa treat afterwards makes me quiver (almost literally). A day without chocolate just doesn’t happen anymore.

How could I ask my children to save candy for a treat when it had become such a regular occurrence in my own diet?

So I decided to stop it. Cold turkey for one month (shy a few days).

To tame my sugar loves my fruit intake, along with my sons’, has skyrocketed. My little experiement may result in family-wide eating improvements.

My sons still ask for candy almost every day. But now I can say it’s only for a treat, without feeling like a hypocrite.