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Junk Food Etiquette

Monday, September 20th, 2010 by:

Is it just me, or does anyone get annoyed at the volume of junk food that is offered to their young children by other well-meaning adults?

I drop my kids off at a mom’s group play group and return to find out they’ve been packed full of cookies right before lunch. Preschool snacks? You guess it, more cookies. Even the doctor’s office isn’t safe. After a brief check-up, my three-year-old is immediately offered a lollipop.

If adults are considerate enough to ask if I want my child to be loaded with sugar, 90 percent of the time it’s in front of my child–making me the bad guy if I say no. “Can Bode have a freezie?” as they are mid-way through handing it to him.

Now we all know that children love sugar. And we all know that it’s empty calories and prevents them from filling up on healthy, nutritious foods. Shouldn’t there be some kind of junk-food etiquette when it comes to feeding junk to other people’s children?

Is it too much to ask for a private conversation that lets me say no without my toddler ever having to know that junk food was on the table?

Dressing your child like a celebrity has never been so practical.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009 by:
Cool shoes that are easy for toddlers to put on themselves.

Cool shoes that are easy for toddlers to put on themselves.

Most of us can’t afford to dress our tots like Suri Cruise. But Converse makes it easy to put your kids in Shiloh Pitt and Violet Affleck’s shoes. Their three-strap oxfords retail for just $35 a pair. Best of all, the velcro is ultra practical and easy for most toddlers to do up themselves. We put the shoes to the ultimate test–two-year-old Bode Ripton.

Bode felt so proud when he could do up his shoes on his own. And he loved showing off his cool new treads to his classmates at preschool.

The three-strap oxford (seen here) and other cool styles are available in stores March 2009 and locations can be found online at

Can a humidifier help prevent the flu?

Friday, February 13th, 2009 by:
A humidifer can reduce your flu risk.

A humidifier can reduce your flu risk.

A humidifier or vaporizer is one of the few ways to ease congestion in babies and toddlers. (They moisten the air and can help clear your child’s nasal passages.) Now, a new study shows that increasing humidity levels in your home may even help prevent the flu.

A recent study in Proceedings of National Academy of Science found that flu spreads better in dry air. So, when absolute humidity is low, influenza virus survival is prolonged and transmission rates go up. That’s why we see seasonal spikes in flu.

Although a humidifier can help, don’t over do it–too much humidity can lead to mold. The Mayo Clinic suggests 40 to 50 percent home humidity. To find out where you’re at, buy an inexpensive hygrometer to measure your home’s humidity levels.