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WIN The Ollie Swaddle

Swaddling can help your infant sleep longer and reduce the risk of SIDS. However, finding the right swaddle can be a challenge. If the blanket is too thick the swaddle can come undone. They fabric needs to be breatheable, soft and just the right size.


The Ollie Swaddle has covered all the basics. The fabric is soft with some elasticity. It’s also moisture-wicking so that your baby doesn’t get too hot or cold.


Plus it’s easy to use. Just lay your baby in the middle and wrap like a burrito. There is velcro on each side to ensure that baby stays tightly wrapped. The velcro straps are also placed in a way that allows you to change swaddle size as your baby grows so that you never have to buy another swaddle.

Bonus: There’s an opening at the end so that you don’t have to unswaddle your baby to change diapers.