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Baby Q&As

  1. Expert: Steve and Andrew Hammond
    June 22nd, 2010
    What should I do if my infant chokes?

    Regardless of age, you should first assess the situation. If your child is coughing or gagging, his airway is only partially blocked and you should encourage him to cough. If your child is unable to cry, cough or speak something is likely blocking his airway and he needs help getting it out. For a child less than 12 months old, position him facedown on your forearm, supporting his head and neck with your hand. Your baby’s head should be lower than the rest of his body. Using the heel of your hand, give your child five firm blows between his shoulder blades. Then, carefully turn his head (still keeping his head lower than rest of body) and use your fingers to scoop the baby’s mouth to see if the item has become dislodged. If your baby becomes unconscious at any time call 911.

    This is an abbreviated version of what to do in an infant choking emergency. To be truly prepared, you should take a children’s first aid course