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Mom Q&As

  1. Expert: Renee Kaufman and Natalie Aston
    January 17th, 2011
    How can I hide my post-baby weight and still look stylish?

    It takes nine months to put on baby weight so don't expect it to disappear overnight a là Heidi Klum and other Hollywood anomalies. So what's the best way to mask that muffin top while you shed those last few pounds? Rather than hiding behind baggy clothing, which only adds extra pounds, draw attention to your positive assets by following these simple style strategies:
    1. Focus on your waist: Accentuate your waist by drawing attention to the narrowest part of your body, which is often slightly above your natural waistline. Opt for a high-waisted jean or pant, or an empire-waist dress that flows away from the hips. You can also try adding a belt above your waistline over a tunic or button-down top.
    2. Layer, layer, layer: Instead of oversized clothing, a long top paired with a structured jacket can hide problem areas while looking hip (not hippy). Details such as seaming will help create shape.

    3. Open up: Higher necklines tend to create a very top-heavy look, so try an open neckline, which will also accentuate your newfound cleavage.

    4. Be happy: Most importantly, focus on eating healthy and enjoying your new bundle of joy. The best fashion accessory is a positive attitude and a smile.

    With combined backgrounds in business and fashion, Renée Kaufman and Natalie Aston co-founded Hatch Maternity after they recognized a distinct lack of stylish, comfortable and versatile maternity wear on the market. Their goal is to create the perfect maternity wardrobe-easy-to-wear, classic pieces in luxurious knits. The Hatch Maternity collection has been tried and tested by Renée, who gave birth to Sam in July 2007.