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Pregnancy Q&As

  1. Expert: Stephanie Curran, R.TCM.P
    June 15th, 2009
    Can acupressure help during labor?

    Acupressure is a safe, effective, hands-on tool you can use during labor with the help of your partner or support person. Acupressure can keep the momentum of labor going and also helps with the release of endorphins to reduce the pain of contractions.

    It's best to take an acupressure workshop before you deliver so you know how to find the right acupoints once you're in labor. Pressure should be applied to acupoints as each contraction begins, then held with steady pressure until the end of the contraction. If you begin using acupressure in the early stages of labor right through to delivery, the treatment can increase the efficiency of each contraction, help the cervix dilate and encourage your baby to descend into the birth canal.

    To find out more and to see a demonstration of how acupressure can help during labor, click here.

    Stephanie Curran has been practicing as an Acupuncturist and registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner since 2000 and founded the Elements of Health Centre in 2006. She has completed many specialized courses in the application of TCM for treating reproductive and obstetric conditions. Passionate about working with women throughout their pregnancies, Stephanie has completed doula training and has integrated acupuncture and labor support in both home and hospital settings.