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Breastfeeding 101: How to get the perfect latch

Breastfeeding 101: How to get the perfect latch

How to position your baby for breastfeeding*

"The Cross Cradle hold is often the easiest for a new mother learning latching techniques," says Dr. Newman. It is also best to have skin-to-skin contact whenever possible. Start by positioning your baby on your right arm, with baby's bottom toward your right elbow. Use the side of your forearm to push the baby's bottom close to you, turning your palm upward so the baby's head is resting on your hand as if it were a pillow.

The baby will be almost horizontal across your body, with her head slightly tilted backward; her chest, belly and thighs are against you with a slight tilt so she is looking up. There shouldn't be any space between your bodies. (If your baby is heavy, you may want to use a pillow to help maintain this position.) Support your left breast with your left hand.

*Note: Instructions are for the left breast; reverse for the right side.