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Candy Alternatives for Valentine’s Day

February 9th, 2015 | By: Nancy Ripton
Candy Alternatives for Valentine’s Day

Kids love candy! In fact, a recent study found that children like sugar twice as much as adults. There’s a biological reason kids are so easily hooked on sugar. Humans are naturally wired to love sweet things. Even before babies can speak, they can communicate their desire for sweetness by smiling or relaxing their face when they get something sweet. In addition to making your child feel good, a sweet taste can even reduce pain, acting like an opioid.

If you aren’t excited about another holiday that revolves around sugar, try putting a twist on every day food. We love this creative idea for a jam sandwich by Karen Byker at Reflections of Life Photography who takes most the gorgeous photography on our site. It doesn't get much easier than spreading jam on a slice of bread and cutting out a heart, but it will make lunchtime so special for your little Valentine – and it's a lot healthier than another bag of candy.

Looking for another idea? Try these fruit kabobs from our sister site Just The Facts, Kid.