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Couple Time After Baby

August 27th, 2011 | By: Sydney Loney
Any kind of getaway is an important time to reconnect with your partner – here's how to do it worry free

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Couple Time After Baby

Even if it’s just a dinner date, time away from the kids is important, but many women are caught between bonding with their partners and worrying about their children, says parenting expert Jennifer Kolari. Here’s how to take the time you need – without the worry.

Let your partner know you care

First of all, if you’re just not up to a trip (or even a night on the town), tell your partner. Acknowledge the fact that you recognize how important time together is for the two of you, Kolari says, then let your partner know that emotionally you worry that you won’t be able to enjoy yourself – yet. “Helping your partner see that this is temporary may be helpful, especially if he knows you are working on it and finding other ways to stay close,” she says.