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Going Back to Work After Baby

May 27th, 2018 | By: Sydney Loney
How to balance a career with kids whether you’re at the office or working from home

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Going Back to Work After Baby

Many moms-to-be start worrying about going back to work from the very beginning of their pregnancies. Whether you opt to return to the office, or decide to start a new gig from home, here are tips from the experts for how to get back to work after you’ve had a baby.

Manage your time at home and in the office

Sometimes you can do three things at once, and sometimes you can’t. “While at work, be at work,” says Andrea Laurie, a life and career coach in Halifax. “When you’re with your family, be all there.” She recommends creating to-do lists for each day with no more than three tasks on it, and three larger projects to chip away at over the week.

When it comes to balancing work with kids, Laurie says entrepreneurship is becoming especially popular with parents who want flexibility with their work hours. “They see growing a business where they can control their schedules as a means to spending more time with their families,” she says. But when your officemates are also your offspring, it can create a whole new set of challenges. “You need to be able to switch gears quickly and take advantage of quiet moments to get business tasks done at warp speed,” says Shannon Lee Simmons, a certified financial planner in Toronto who mastered the art of working while breastfeeding. Sometimes, the secret is to zero in on a task to the exclusion of all else, giant laundry pile be damned.