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How Setting a Family Routine can Change your Life

How Setting a Family Routine can Change your Life

Tips for Setting up New Routines

1. Start small and be consistent

Pick one simple routine you want to work on and don't tackle any others until this one is going smoothly. A good starting point might be clearing your plate from the dinner table, scrapping the leftovers into the compost, rinsing your plate in the sink and placing it in the dishwasher. Don't tackle your biggest issues first.

2. Take time for training

Don't assume your kids know how to do everything — sometimes, they must be taught. Scraping a plate takes some dexterity. Knowing the best way to load a dishwasher takes experience. Help them practice and learn what is expected. Your mindset should be that of a patient teacher instead of cursing them for being sloppy and doing things wrong.

3. Invite children to participate in setting routines

Children are more likely to be co-operative if they feel they had some say in the rules and routines they are expected to live by. Of course this is an age-dependent factor, but live by the rule that the more say they have, the more co-operation you'll likely get.