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How to Eat Healthier as a Family

March 18th, 2014 | By: Nancy Ripton
Health eating doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how to create simple meals your whole family will love.

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How to Eat Healthier as a Family

Tired of making separate meals for everyone in the family? Try these healthy, homemade meals by Aviva Goldfarb, author of The Six O'Clock Scramble. They’re simple, creative, healthy, unprocessed and kid-friendly without being adult alienating – so tasty even Oprah’s a fan!

Follow her tips for eating healthy without a lot of time and get started with these great mealtime suggestions:

Successful tips for making healthy family meals:

  1. Short on Time and Ingredients: Create recipes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes with 10 ingredients or less. "And they have to pass our family taste test," says Goldfarb.
  2. Keep it Simple: Don't set the bar too high by promising to create Nigella Lawson-worthy feasts every night. Create a list of five to 10 meals that are easy to create and try to cook one at least every other night.
  3. Get a Little Helper: Enlist your child's help in the kitchen–you'll be surprised by how helpful a toddler can be with mixing or simple cleanup tasks. Plus, he'll be more likely to eat the meal if he helped prepare it.

Here are three fast, healthy recipes your whole family will enjoy: