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Is Your First Born Jealous?

December 28th, 2018 | By: Elizabeth Pantley
How to help your child embrace baby number two

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Is Your First Born Jealous?

Before your new baby arrived, your toddler was told he'd have a wonderful little brother to play with and how much fun it would be. Then the little brother was born and your toddler started thinking, "This squirming, red-faced baby that takes up all your time and attention is supposed to be fun?" Here are five ways to help him make the transition from only child to eldest:

Teach him how to interact

Your first goal is to protect the baby. Your second, to teach your older child how to interact properly. You can teach your toddler how to play with the baby in the same way you teach him anything else. Talk to him, demonstrate, guide and encourage. Until you feel confident that you've achieved your second goal, however, do not leave the children alone together. If you see your toddler about to get rough, pick up the baby and distract the older sibling with a song, a toy, an activity or a snack. This action protects the baby while helping you avoid a constant string of "Nos," which could encourage the aggressive behavior.