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Is Your First Born Jealous?

Is Your First Born Jealous?

Teach soft touches

Teach your toddler how to give the baby a back rub. Tell him how this kind of touching calms the baby and praise the older child for a job well done. This teaches him how to be physical with the baby in a positive way. Your toddler will be watching as you handle the baby and learning from your actions, so you are his most important teacher.

Every time you see your child act roughly with the baby, respond quickly. You might firmly announce, "No hitting, time out." Place the child in a time-out chair and say, "You can get up when you can use your hands in the right way." Allow him to get right up if he wants–as long as he is careful and gentle with the baby. This isn't punishment, it's just helping him learn that rough actions aren't permitted.

Whenever you see your older child touching the baby gently, make a positive comment. Make a big fuss about the important "older brother." Hug and kiss him and tell him how proud you are.