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It’s Never Too Early to Have “That” Talk with your kids

June 9th, 2016 | By: Nancy Ripton
The recent sexual assault charge to a 27-year-old teacher at St. James Grade School shows us that it's never too early to warn our children about sexual predators.
It’s Never Too Early to Have “That” Talk with your kids

It often takes a jolting reminder to remind us that sexual predators can strike anywhere, and by the people you’d least expect. Yesterday’s arrest of 27-year-old Dufferin-Peel Catholic Board teacher sadly drove home that point.

St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre in South Mississauga is a sought after IB-Program school with a lottery to enroll. Amanda Perreault was a favored teacher, who parents and students trusted and had people request that their children be in her class.

All of that changed when the female teacher was charged with sexual assault, sexual interference, luring to commit invitation to sexual touching and making sexually explicit material available to a child.

This is a start reminder that sexual assaults usually happen by people children know, like and trust. This is a kindergarten to grade six school, and parents never would have believed that their children would have been at risk going to school every day.

Knowledge is protection at every age. It’s never too early to start to warn your child about sexual predators. It’s something none of us want to talk about, but what’s happened at this trusted grade school by one of its favorite teachers is proof that your child is never completely safe. It’s up to you to remind your child to be wary of anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, trust their instincts, and not to let anyone touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.