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Should You Try An Armpit Detox

July 11th, 2016 | By: Nancy Ripton
Why it’s time to consider detoxing your armpits and switching to natural deodorant.

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Should You Try An Armpit Detox

Increasingly we’re hearing more and more experts ask us to avoid using antiperspirants that contain aluminum that clogs sweat glands and can get into breast tissue. More and more studies have been finding aluminum in breast tissues, and linking it to breast cancer. Specifically, a study out of Keele University found that aluminum in breast tissue is higher near the armpit, and this positively correlates to the largest area for breast tumors.

Alternative natural deodorants will allow your body to sweat when needed, expelling toxins and cooling your body, while using plant-based absorbents to keep you feeling dry and smelling fabulous.

Detox you Underarms

Conventional deodorants are loaded with harmful chemicals that don’t belong in your sensitive underarm area and lymphatic system. There is a new health trend that involves detoxing your underarms and transitioning away from conventional deodorants that contain harmful chemicals or metals.

While we’re uncertain as to the exact hazards of aluminum-based deodorants, a few things are clear. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. The aluminum used in antiperspirants has been found in the breast tissue of those diagnosed with breast cancer.  Aluminum is also found in greater amounts closer to the armpits and this is where the largest number of breast tumors occur.

Many doctors recommend the use of natural products to individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, so it only makes sense to be pro-active and stop using these products before cancer starts.