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Stress-Free Shopping With Baby

December 9th, 2014 | By: Nancy Ripton
How to survive shopping trips with a baby or toddler in tow

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Stress-Free Shopping With Baby

Are new moms destined to turn from shopaholic to shopaphobic? The truth is, shopping does become more difficult once your newborn arrives. But the good news is a little planning can make your shopping experience efficient–and even enjoyable–once again.

Shopping with a newborn

"When my kids were younger than six months, it was a lot easier to go shopping," says Dina Venezky, founder of High Maintenance Mom and mother of two boys. "I could put the youngest in the snap-and-go stroller and he was entertained by looking around." Even occupying her older son was easier when her youngest was a newborn. "He was proud to help out while we shopped."

To help you shop hands-free, removable car seats that can be placed in a snap-and-go or a shopping cart are ideal because a lot of newborns will fall asleep on the drive to the mall – and stay asleep while you shop. Other moms prefer using a sling or carrier to hold their newborns. "I found it was too difficult to push a stroller or cart and shop," says Liz Gumbinner, co-founder of Cool Mom Picks and mother of two. Carrying your baby lets you concentrate on what you need to buy.