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Surprising Holiday Hazards

Surprising Holiday Hazards

Baking Hazards

While your kids may love to help out with holiday baking, make sure spices and extracts are kept out of reach. A child's salt balance is very sensitive and too much salt can cause stomach cramps, extreme fatigue, and dehydration. If left untreated it can lead to brain damage or even death. How much is too much? As little as a tablespoon can be dangerous to a toddler.

Children can get high from nutmeg and become intoxicated and extremely sick from ethanol-containing products, such as vanilla and almond extracts. Ethanol causes Central Nervous System depression, which can lead to respiratory compromise when ingested. It may also result in dilated pupils, flushed skin, gastrointestinal distress, hypothermia and hypotension. Vanilla extract can be harmful even in small doses, as it contains up to 70 percent ethanol by volume (compared to beer, which contains between two and six percent ethanol). If you suspect your child has helped themselves to vanilla extract, contact your doctor immediately.