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The Simplest (and Cutest) Easter Craft Ideas Ever

March 20th, 2016 | By: Nancy Ripton
These Easter craft ideas are so simple anyone can do it from baby who just picked up a crayon to parents without a crafty bone in their body.

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The Simplest (and Cutest) Easter Craft Ideas Ever

For crafty mom types, you are itching to create cute things before your child can even walk. And for those non-crafty types, you don’t want to do anything that involves more than paper, crayons and maybe a pair of scissors and some glue. These three simple craft ideas satisfy both of these needs and will keep everyone festive and happy this Easter holiday.

Easter Craft Mats

These free printable Easter craft mats from picklebums are adorable. Just print an Easter egg, hat or bunny ears (seen here) and decorate it with play dough, ribbons, googly eyes or anything else you happen to have on hand. It’s so creative and simple and will satisfy any age of child.