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What Happens to Your Body After Childbirth

What Happens to Your Body After Childbirth

You may leave the hospital looking almost as pregnant as you did when you arrived

The fact you may still look pregnant when you go home with your newborn can be disheartening for a lot of new moms, but it's perfectly normal. "Your uterus is the size it was when you were at 20 weeks of pregnancy," says Dr. Greenfield. "And your abdominal muscles have been stretched out so they don't have the tone to hold everything in."

She recommends taking comfy, mid-pregnancy clothes to the hospital since you won't be back to your pre-pregnancy clothes for a little while. To help you lose your pregnancy weight, go for your six-week postnatal checkup and get the okay from your doctor to begin a postnatal exercise routine. But don't get frustrated if things don't change overnight–it may take anywhere from six to nine months for you to get your pre-baby body back.