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What Happens to Your Body After Childbirth

What Happens to Your Body After Childbirth

No matter how productive you were in your past life, things change when you have a newborn

The physical aspects of childbirth aside, sometimes the mental and emotional aftermath can be just as overwhelming. How little you can actually accomplish in a day often becomes an unexpected source of frustration for new moms and can lead to stress and depression. "It's important to recognize that this is normal and that you're not crazy, or incompetent, or a terrible mom," says Dr. Greenfield.

Having a baby is a huge adjustment and many new moms start out feeling anxious and overwhelmed. "You have to give yourself permission not to get things done," says Dr. Greenfield. Lower your expectations, she says, and "if you get one or two of your own physical needs met by 5 p.m., you're doing well."

It's important to get as much help as you can, especially in the first two weeks when you're still recovering from the delivery and are dealing with sleep deprivation and meeting the demands of your newborn. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get some sleep–and forget about the laundry, the dishes and the unanswered emails. Don't be afraid to rely on others for help as much as possible and talk to your doctor if you find you're really struggling to cope.